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DF: First FAB transsexual gets in court the right to stay in functional property

Through an injunction – temporary – in court, Maria Luiza da Silva, 59, managed to remain in the functional property of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), in Brasília. The struggle of the first FAB transsexual for the right has lasted 20 years. The decision is valid until the cable's retirement is defined, as determined by the G1 portal. The military was reformed after being considered 'unable' for having sex reassignment surgery. Luiza also seeks in court the benefits of full retirement and the promotions she would be entitled to if she were not compulsorily removed from military service. The decision of Minister Herman Benjamin of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) in relation to the property is part of a judicial imbroglio that has lasted two decades. Last year, the cable was informed by the FAB that she should leave the property functional, as the Justice had already decided on the military's retirement.

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