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In every corner, we see the extraordinary in people and stories linked to art, culture, identity and causes. We are a production company genuinely from Brasilia, the Brazilian capital, that has the peculiarities of a naturally cinematographic city. In the Federal District and region, we have high quality in technical, logistical and artistic structure, a vast diversity of locations, ideal light, weather predictability and the cerrado, with its blue sky that inspires us. With over 15 years telling stories, our productions have received honorable awards and have been in more than 60 national and international festivals, in addition to TV channels and streaming platforms. 
Our last feature Maria Luiza was commercially released in 2020, premiered at It's All True 2019, the main documentary festival in Latin America, and toured several festivals in France, Holland, Mexico, Argentina, USA, Switzerland, Colombia, Peru, Austria, Serbia and Brazil. It was also awarded as best international documentary at the Humano Human Rights Film Festival (Mexico), best documentary at the Merlinka Queer FF (Serbia) and received an honorable mention at LIFFY (Yale/USA).
With this expertise, we also developed a special look at the production of Branded Content, producing content within the universe of brands that wish to share their values and motivations with society.

Marcelo Diaz


Marcelo Díaz was seduced by cinema from an early age. His main mission is making movies as a means of social transformation. Award-winning director, screenwriter and producer from Brasilia with Piauí-Paraguayan blood, his productions have been in more than 60 festivals around the world, on TVs and streaming platforms.

Director MARCELO DÍAZ_ Maria luiza film_foto diego bresani__BRE8914.jpg

Founder of the production company DIAZUL DE CINEMA. He made films such as: Terra de Luz (2016); Restrutural (2014); Galeno, Curumim Arteiro (DOCTV,2009), Desdobráveis (2013), Oficina Perdiz (2006), Aquilo que Não Podem Demolir Enquanto Eu Puder Falar (2020) and his first feature film, Maria Luiza (2019).

As a screenwriter, he worked in the development of the series Censura em Tempos de Liberdade (in progress); Da Minha Cozinha Cuido Eu (in progress); Brasílias Imaginadas (2020- 2021, with Cinema Cinema Prod.); Mostra A Sua Cara (2015-2016, Plateau Filmes); Como Nascem os Heróis (2015, Pá Virada Filmes).

He was also worked as producer, researcher and interviewer of episodes shot in Brazil of the documentary series The World in Seven Days for VPRO TV/Netherlands (2014) and producer for the podcast Mothers of Invention (ep.1, 3rd season /DOC SOCIETY/England, 2020).

He graduated in Social Communication at the University of Brasília (UnB).

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