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Terra de Luz

2019, feature


80 min | Direction: Marcelo Díaz  

Maria Luiza da Silva is the first official case of transgender in the Brazilian armed forces. After 22 years of military service in aviation mechanics, she was retired as an invalid due to her transsexuality. The film investigates the motivations for preventing her from wearing the female uniform and her path of affirmation as a trans woman. Access the website to learn more

Maria Luiza


The movie's motivation

History of overcoming difficulties, prejudice and strong violations of rights. A woman out of the "standard", for being transgender, military and Catholic.  The film documents the drama lived by Maria Luiza, recognized as the first trans person in the Brazilian Armed Forces. Cable from the FAB for 22 years, she was prevented from continuing to exercise her military activity as an aviation mechanic, being retired due to disability after assuming her status as a trans woman.  

The work addresses the protagonist's conflicts, disappointments and achievements in her process of affirming her identity. She reveals her struggle to continue in the Air Force, as a trans woman, going through the backstage of military, Catholic and family life.

After 20 years of struggle, Maria Luiza got in court the right to retirement as a noncommissioned officer, in a decision by Minister Herman Benjamin, of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ), who alleged the discrimination suffered by her. The debate generated by the film, with national and international screenings, directly contributed to the visibility of the case, having even been mentioned in the STJ's decision.  Recently Maria Luiza da Silva received her military identity with the new post of non-commissioned officer.

-   BEST INTERNATIONAL DOCUMENTARY / Human Human Rights Film Fest (Mexico)

-   LONG HONORABLE MENTION DOC / Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale (LIFFY - USA)

-   BEST DOCUMENTARY / International Queer Film Festival MERLINKA (Serbia)

-   It's All True (São Paulo, Rio, SP)

-   FIDBA (International Documentary Film Festival of Buenos Aires)

-   TranScreen (Amsterdam Transgender Film Festival/Netherlands)

-   Colombia's International Film Festival for Human Rights

-   Chéries-Chéris / LGBTQ& Film Festival (Paris/France)

-   International Queer Film Festival Playa del Carmen Mexico

-   Brasilia Festival of Brazilian Cinema

-   San Diego Latino Film Festival (USA)

-   Seattle Latino Film Festival (USA)

-   DOC Amazon/Pan-Amazon Film Festival

-   Geneva International Queer Film Festival/Everybody's Perfect (Switzerland)

-   International Festival Signs of the Night - (France)

-   First Plan Film Festival (Juiz de Fora/Brazil) - Opening Film

-   Atlantidoc / International Documentary Film Festival (Uruguay)

-   MICMX - Muestra Itinerante De Cine Mx (Mexico)

-   SESC Best Films 2020 Festival

-   Censored Film Festival (Peru)

-   Transitions International Queer & Minorities Film Festival (Austria)

-   OUTFEST Peru  / Lima LGBT Film Festival

-   Improper - Show  of Gender Equality Cinema (Azores)

-   FICPRISMA - International Film Festival Prisma (Colombia)

-   OUTFEST Santo Domingo (Dominican Rep.) / International LGBT Film Festival

-   Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival (Greece)


-   Selected for the DOK MARKET (DOK LEIPZIG), DOCMontevideo Meetings 2018, DOC SP 2018, LAB DOC IMPACTO 2018 (DOC SP/DOC Society).

-   Brazilian case of social impact documentary at GOOD PITCH BRASIL 2020 (DOC Society)

-   GOOD PITCH BRASIL 2021 Impact Case Study


-   Available on 10 Streaming Platforms

-   Access:


The Rising Valley (Terra de Luz)

2016, 52'


52 min | Directed by: Delvair Montagner, Marcelo Díaz | Prodav 10, Public TVs

A poetic and instigating look at the Vale do Amanhecer, a space that gathers religiosities and mysticisms, typical of the cultural melting pot of Brasília, the capital of hope. The film features the experiences of fans who migrated from different regions and countries in search of a new life.


Project included in Prodav 10/2014-FSA-ANCINE

  TVs: TV Cultura, TV Brasil

Available at:


A partnership between anthropologist Delvair Montagner and filmmaker Marcelo Díaz, based on stories linked to religiosity and migration. In Vale do Amanhecer we are looking for people who came to the DF region in search of a new life. Our motivation was to show another Valley, beyond the exoticism in which it is usually seen, and relate it to the mystical dimension of the city's utopia, hope and spirituality.

Terra de Luz mentions the Valley itself, the city of Brasília. There is the experience of a city that seeks to meet the utopian capital, but based on a reality full of contradictions.

Galeno, A Crafty Boy
(Galeno, Curumim Arteiro)

2009, 52', DOCTV


52min | Direction: Marcelo Díaz

Between the simple and the complex, between the erudite and the popular. Galeno's art is revealed on a trip through the Parnaíba Delta (Piauí), Brasília and Brazlândia, sources of inspiration for his creation.

The movie's motivation

Galeno is an artist from Piauí, without major training and academicism. Of humble origins, he created his art under the skies of Brasília and Brazlândia/DF, between modernism and wooden shacks, taking his childhood inspiration from the landscapes of the Parnaíba Delta. Its kites, reels, bobbins, hooks, lamps make reference to a simple Brazil, with popular festivals and striking colors.

Paint over wood, but not by choice. As a young man, I couldn't afford to buy canvases. So his father, who was a cabinetmaker, decided to assemble wooden canvases to fulfill his son's dream of painting. From that improvisation, Galen consolidated his brand. He turned the wooden boards into art. And it changed your life.


One of the winners of DOCTV IV, a national competition to make documentaries for TV (MinC/TV Brasil/Abepec/ABD/ABCV/TV Cultura) and broadcast on the entire public TV network in the country.
  - TVs: TV Brasil, TV Cultura, Brazilian educational TVs (several), TV Câmara, TV Justiça.
  - Available on VIMEO ON DEMAND and on DVD

Restructural (Restrutural)

2014, TV


26min | Directed by: Marcelo Díaz | Co-production: Machado Filmes
Dyarley, a former waste picker at the largest landfill in Latin America, in Cidade Estrutural (DF), works as an educator for children and adolescents at risk. Your life inspires transformation.


The movie's motivation

A very transforming story told from Dyarley and Rita. Two black women from Structural, on the outskirts of Brasília. Both lived very strong stories, living with violence and had to overcome themselves in some way to be able to continue.

Dyarley was a garbage collector and managed to graduate in pedagogy with the money she earned from the dump. After graduating, she worked with children and teenagers at risk at Structural, close to the dump.

Once again, we tried to talk about how to recycle a dream, taking advantage of the association with garbage recycling, and at the same time how they did it to encourage children and teenagers with similar stories in the region itself.

Winning film of the contest A HORA É Agora by TV Câmara (2014) by the Midwest.

- Festivals: Peripheral Visions (Rio/2015) and Cine Favela (Favela da Rocinha/Rio/2015)

- Available at

Oficina Perdiz

2006, short


20 min | Direction: Marcelo Díaz  

SCRN  708/9. Between Blocks C and D. Public area. Brasilia DF. Partridge and the Workshop. Between mechanical and theatrical pieces.

The movie's motivation


Documentary that reveals the duality of a space, a mix of mechanical workshop and theater. José Perdiz is the protagonist of this story, a rough mechanic who opened his workshop and himself to art.

The film had a positive impact. The workshop occupied an irregular area, planned to be a pedestrian crossing. It had been there for decades, even having a business license. The making of the documentary moved the cultural scene and the political environment at the time. Many people participated in the film giving interviews or telling their experiences with Perdiz and his workshop, including the IPHAN (National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute). All of this gave rise to strong arguments in defense of the Oficina/Theater, including the mobilization of the media and the Public Ministry of the Federal District, which contributed for the Oficina to remain, albeit in another location.

Partridge meant resistance. We connect with that resistance and with the cause.


- Best 35mm Short Film from DF at the 39th Brasília Festival (Legislative Chamber Award)

- CTAV/MinC Award at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival 2007

- Best Screenplay in Short – Canoa 2007

- ABDeC Award at the International Ethnographic Film Festival 2007/RJ

- Best Documentary at Video Festival São Carlos/SP 2007

– Short Film 2006

– 11th Brazilian Film Festival of Miami

– 13th Milano Film Festival/Program Biographies

– 29th International Festival of Havana, Cuba / Documentary Program

– 35th. Lawn Festival

– Brasil Plural 10 (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) 2007/2008

– Antofagasta International Film Festival (Chile) 2007

  Brazilian Film Festival of Canada (Toronto) 2007

– 3rd Sydney Latin American Film Festival (Australia) 2008

– 7ème Festival Signes de Nuit (Paris)

  Amazonas Film Festival (Manaus, Brazil) 2007

– 10th Tiradentes Show

– 17th. Cine Ceará

– FAM 2007/Mercosur Audiovisual Festival (Florianópolis)

– 7th. Goiania Shows Shorts

– VI Araribóia Cine (Niterói)

– 14th. Vitória Cine Video

– FestCine Amazon 2007 (Porto Velho)

– Curta Cabo Frio (Program 'The best of Festivals') 2007

– IV Panorama Recife of Documentaries

– Brésil en Mouvements (Paris) 2008

– 3rd. South American Human Rights Festival (São Paulo; Curitiba; Salvador; Rio de Janeiro; Fortaleza; Teresina; Recife; Porto Alegre; Belém; Belo Horizonte; Goiânia)


- Featured by the newspaper CORREIO BRAZILIENSE (04/04/2010) among the 50 films that most marked the city.


TVs: Canal Brasil, TV Cultura, STV


DVD and web: Integrates the film collection of Programadora Brasil (Cinemateca Brasileira / SAV-MinC), the collection on DVD Curta Brasília Vol. 2 (Cult Vídeo) and the Porta Curtas portal ( )

2020, 30'


30 min | Direction: Marcelo Díaz  

Walls impregnated with 26 years of theater in the capital of Brazil. The real estate dispute that transforms the city into a product. A theater is destroyed, memories are not. A compositional game between cinema and theater to bring out the city, its metamorphoses and affections.

There's Nothing They Can Destroy as Long as I Can Speak

FOTO 1 - AquiloQue_.jpg


 - Contemporary Scene Festival 2020

The movie's motivation

A show-film, made through the meeting between cinema and theater. A partnership between Diazul de Cinema and Companhia Teatro de Concreto. The production represented a form of resistance to the difficulties brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. We sought a return alternative from the invitation of Festival Cena Contemporânea, which this year would have an online version. 

A work that revisits the rubble of Oficina Perdiz, victim of a long property dispute. The connection with these memories brings up the question of identity, affections, the art placed on the sidelines, and their resistance, not only in the case of Teatro Oficina Perdiz, but also in the context of the pandemic. 

About Hope
(De Esperança e Espera)

2003, short


21min | Direction: Marcelo Díaz

Reflections and expectations regarding the year 2003 and the meaning of the word “hope”, recorded during the time of President Lula's inauguration and the commemorations of the turn of the year 2002 to 2003.


The movie's motivation


A film that records President Lula's first inauguration, as a reflection on the meanings of the word hope, relating it to the expectation of a new country.  

The word hope was used a lot in the presidential campaign. There was a correlation between this word and the realization of the dreams of a people who were waiting for a truly transformed country.

Award: Best video – ABCV 2004 Award (Brasiliense Film and Video Assoc.)


-   Free Film Show 2004

-   Shows The New Cinema Brasiliense (CCBB-Brasilia)

-   6th Exhibition of Taguatinga

-   Sesc Rio Preto - SP

-   Sesc Araçatuba - SP


- TV: Integrates the collection of TAL titles (Televisión América Latina). 

- Available at

Unfoldable (Desdobráveis)

2013, short, prod: IPAM


10min | Directed by: Marcelo Díaz | Co-production: IPAM

A day in the lives of four women who strive for art. Free adaptation of the show Desdobrar by Cia Nós No Bambu, unique in the acrobatic dance in handmade bamboo sculptures.

The movie's motivation


We produce a work that flirts with transmedia art. A mix between the cinematographic language, dance and acrobatics of Companhia Nós No Bambu.

The story brings everyday experiences of four women who seek transformation, overcoming and elevation through art. Women who unfold and rise in the art of acrobatic bamboo dance.

It's a short fiction with a foot in the documentary. 

Selected for over 20 festivals and shows in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Spain, USA, Sweden, Mexico, Colombia, such as:


-   Mostra Brasília/46th Festival de Brasília;

-   Mecal Chile 2013 (International Short Film Festival)

-   FLAFF 2014 (Philadelphia Latin American Film Festival)

-   BrasilCine (Brazilian Film Festival in Scandinavia/Sweden)

-   Contra El Silencio Todos las Voces/VIII Encuentro Hispanoamericano de Cine Documental Independiente (Mexico)

-   6th Festival Cortos Rodinia (Spain)

-   Salón Internacional de la Luz (Colombia)

-   XIV International VideoDanza Festival (Buenos Aires)

-   Human Rights for All Festival (Chile, 2013)

-   7th International Videodanza Festival of Colombia

-   Short Brasilia 2013

-   7th Short Audiovisual Show of Campinas

-   Short Carajás 2013

-   Free Movie Show 2014

-   IV Annapolis Film Festival

-   Peripheral Views 2014 (Rio)

-   Vercine 2014 (Rio)

-   Sand Festival (RN)

-   Santa Rosa Mostra Cinema 2014 (RS)

-   9th Mirage, Miracema Film and Video Exhibition (Tocantins)

-   Três Passos Film Festival (RS)



Best Screenplay: 10th CineMube (São Paulo)

Best Editing: National Film and Video Meeting of Sertões/Piauí – 2014


TV: Canal Brasil

- Project carried out with resources from the Public Notice Coletividea 2012 – Incentive Program for Creative Audiovisual Collectives (Winner in the DF category).

Release estimate: 2024 (feature, doc)

Directors: Delvair Monragner e Marcelo Díaz

Varῖ, an anthropologist and indigenous woman lives in conflict. She is no longer seen as a true Marubo. In the university, she’s seen as an outsider. Delvair, an anthropologist who witnessed Varῖ’s birth in the 70’s, is trying to reconnect with her and with an Amazon that no longer exists. 



Funded by FAC (Secretary of Culture of Brasilia/DF, Brazil - 2021)


Maria Luiza
Galeno, Curumim Arteiro
Oficina Perdiz
De Esperança e Espera
O Vento Vai Reagir
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